As Apostolic Protestants, we are a vibrant community of Bible-driven believers from Europe and North America dedicated to restore the Bible based community.

We believe the “priesthood of all believers” and we mean it. We know “so called” Bible Collages are training atheist priests. We know that how each denomination has its own history and own “Jesus said this because… ” or “Paul indeed was talking about this…” theology. The truth is they misinterpret the verses and they even mistranslate the Bible (this is true only for the protestants). Yes!. When you compare the Old Testament with Jewish Tanach, you will see it. So a new protestant movement is needed. And that is us.

We don’t deny the Christian traditions of 1600 years. Indeed, for the most part, they are not traditions but real beliefs based on the teachings of Jesus. To think otherwise will take us to apostasy. If we say that Orthodox (even Catholic church) built a false belief for 1600 years, than it is same to say that we have a God which is incapable of planting a solid belief and things got corrupted just 300 years after the death of Christ. Remember that protestants (or your leaders) don’t do the sign of cross which was introduced in the year 300’s.
And read and learn. Read and learn that protestants (your leaders) lie to you about the confession of faith. The protestant pastors teach you the Catholic Confession of Faith. Were Popes not mistaken in all their verdicts? They were unable to perceive truth and they were highly corrupt but however, in the 4.th century one of them was suddenly enlightened and found out that Holy Spirit does not come from God the Father as written in Nicea Council decisions in 325 AD but comes from the Son! And protestant leaders accept this! Funny. But there is something not funny. They teach the Papal confession of faith as if it was the decision of Nicea Council! They lie deliberately!

Apostolic Protestant Church was established by two protestant pastors and two priests (one Orthodox and one Catholic)