Apostolic Protestant Church

Apostolic Protestant Church (APC) comes from the same tradition which game birth to the Catholic & Orthodox Churches. However, we recognize the corruption in the Western Church and the problem caused by the declaration of Papacy. We also recognize the collapse in the Orthodox Church after the fall of Istanbul to Turkish rule. This collapse is evolving to corruption as we see in the light of recent events regarding Greek, Ukrainian and Montenegro Orthodox Churches. Orthodox Churches are also giving in to political pressures and liberal teachings.

As for Protestant Churches, we are also aware that they are the most corrupt churches on the world. Sadly, they are creating a false theology justifying; usury, mix breading of plants and animals.
They are creating a false theology calling people to submission to the governments which are starting wars for the sake of big corporations.
They are calling people to submission to the atheist governments which promote porn, sex, divorce, tolerance to other religions and individualism.
These churches justify interracial marriages, genetically modified food and inter breeding or genetical modifications on animals.

Moreover, they adopt the Word of God to the needs of their governments and deliberately making wrong translations of the Bible to adapt the Word of God to contemporary politics and contemporary culture.

The Apostolic Tradition is long forgotten. Jesus came to lead us to God the Father but protestants started to ignore God the Father and replaced Yahweh worship with Jesus worship. This is apostasy! This is heresy! Jesus came to bring us the God!
Shall we not praise for glorify Jesus? Of course we will. Moreover, we are not against the icons in the church. Our church has icons. But we don’t worship them. We don’t worship to icon of Jesus. We worship Yahweh! God the Father!